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Guangzhou Yakeda Travel Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 5 million. After more than 7 years of hard work and development, it has a certain scale and strength. Now it has 800 production management personnel, including 120 professional and technical personnel. With an annual production capacity of 3.9 million pieces, it is a professional manufacturer of military, police supplies, tactics, and outdoor products. It has many years of design, development, and manufacturing experience. The main products are outdoor bags, military bags, daily-use backpacks, tool bags, and Tactical Vests. , Body armor, tactical accessories series products, etc. Provide relevant equipment products and development services for the army, police, rescue, military academies, and people who love outdoor tourism and tactical sports.
The factory has large scale of production, advanced machinery and equipment, superb manufacturing technology, lean assembly line production, product quality first, with independent design and development department and computer CAD model room, according to customer needs, tailor-made and OEM production. To We have an original and independent global brand-YAKEDA, which is derived from the casual outdoor tactical equipment extended from battlefield equipment in the United States and Europe. The products have always maintained the style of battlefield military equipment. In order to better reflect the product performance, a fully modularized design is adopted. The selection of materials must be fine, military-grade manufacturing process.
Taking cultural power as the main line, operating with a strategic and sustainable thinking mode, and at the same time innovating, cultivating and developing the core competitiveness of the enterprise in a timely manner is the secret of the YAKEDA brand's sustained 55% annual growth rate in recent years. At the beginning of the business, Yakota actively pursued the win-win culture of "small rivers with water and big rivers" and "three satisfactions", and implemented the development strategy of "branding and cultural assistance", which promoted the harmony, stability and rapid development of the company. We have gained a fruitful business philosophy in the past development.
In the development practice after the establishment of the Yakeda team, the company has established a new and harmonious labor mode, which allows the company and employees to form mutual respect, mutual support, interdependence, and mutual respect on the basis of consistent fundamental interests. A common relationship of mutual benefit and win-win. Yakeda pays great attention to the development of employees' various tasks and supports all-round vigorously, striving to achieve such an atmosphere and realm, that is, to form a new type of mutually beneficial and win-win labor relationship that "companies cares for employees and employees care for the company".
In order to maintain a harmonious corporate atmosphere more effectively, Yakeda has carried out extensive and in-depth "Double Love and Double Evaluation" activities, namely: evaluation of the employees of the company and the management and leadership activities of the employees. Through the launch of the "Double Love and Double Evaluation" activity, the hearts of the company and its employees have become closer, and the cohesion of the company has also improved. Yakota actively handles “social insurance” (pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance) for employees. It also allocates a portion of funds for regular health check-ups for employees to effectively solve their worries. Employees truly achieve a happy life, which is also the corporate culture model of Yakeda.
In order to create a good corporate culture image, and at the same time to further improve the welfare level of employees, and better motivate employees to love their jobs and work enthusiasm, Yakeda will introduce an employee welfare system. For this work system, the company has allocated special funds , Which is fully implemented by the labor union and incorporated into the company’s annual work plan, effectively enhancing employees’ centripetal force for the company.
Yakeda has widely established the concepts of "Training is the greatest benefit of employees" and "Training is the company's most valuable investment", and calls on employees to establish "lifelong education, lifelong learning", "survival and development", and "work learning" in their minds. The concept of “integration, learning and work-oriented”, strives to shape the life-long employability of employees, and earnestly shoulders the responsibility of employees’ growth.

Yakeda provides employees with hardware facilities for the labor union, allowing employees to experience the warmth and care of the company’s labor union outside of work. Cultural atmosphere.




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